• We are at the service of companies with the happiness of helping them achieve automatable work through digital solutions.

  • Over 12 years of experience in business processes and cross-platform applications

  • At every step of a process flow, our goal is to help employees unleash their full potential by providing customized solutions.

Further, faster

Our team has over 12 years of experience in business processes and cross-platform applications. We believe that our relationship with you and your team goes beyond the products and services we offer!

With Oceanflow, you get our commitment to plan, integrate, and deliver the job as planned, and on time.


Oceanflow directs its services according to the 4Ps of digital transformation:

  1. People

  2. Process

  3. Platform and software

  4. Technology portfolio


We aim to simplify information management and facilitate collaboration through a functional analysis that will identify potential improvements to its processes.

What we do


  • Create solutions

  • Give enough tools for robust project management

  • Improve efficiency and reduce waste

  • Provide essential documentation, such as project initiation documents


  1. Global business issues

  2. Strategic objectives

  3. Process mapping

  4. Digitize documents

  5. Data migration

  6. Process automation according blueprint

  7. Deployment plan and schedule



  • Design of roles and responsibilities tree

  • Design of the data module tree

  • Design of the main process and sub-processes


  • Who, when and how at each step

  • Description of the integration

  • Data schema between several modules of the same software or several software:

  • Schema for pushing data

  • Schema to pull data

Technology Adoption

The driving force behind a successful digital transformation is the talent in your company. That's why developing a learning culture must go hand in hand with any technology change.

"Success is not measured by goals, but by continuous improvement." - Tiger Woods

Why a functional analysis?

1- Reduce waste and complete projects on time

2- Document the right requirements

3- Improve project efficiency

Basic functional analysis and architecture

Functional documentation has different names depending on the organization.

We find the terms: functional file, functional specifications, specifications, functional specifications, software specifications, system requirements, etc.

This document describes the functionalities of the web application as well as the rules it must respect.


Turning your dreams into reality


For the stakeholders (Programmer, Designer, Strategists, Project Manager, Client), the functional documentation will serve as a reference for all the details of each of the functionalities analyzed. The document will also allow them to ensure that the analyst's understanding is good and that the use cases are covered.

Programmers and testers

For the programmer, he will use the documentation to establish his to-do list. Every little functional rule, condition and exception must be coded. The tester will also use the functional file to determine what will be tested.


To follow the evolution of the development project, we must frequently consult the document of a feature to :

  • Check the impact of a new change;

  • Verify the functioning when it supports users;

  • Add a precision to an existing rule;

  • Understand the operation of a function that he has not analyzed himself.